Since 1990, much has happened to expand the role of the professional protection specialist (protection agent). Increasingly, s/he is being asked to perform much as an executive assistant providing support in a number of areas: intelligence collection and analysis, counterintelligence, contingency planning, electronic security, first respondent medicine, special event security, estate management and security, bomb incident management, threat intervention and management, management of violent employees in the workplace, stalker mitigation, and asset protection. Through the implementation of our candidate interview and selection program, and our specialized continual training program, Professional Protection Incorporated addresses these areas of client concerns.
Today’s executive protection agent must be able to blend in with any business and social situation. Our professional successful agents combine executive protection with other skills, such as business management, computer technology, or paralegal to expand the firm’s job possibilities. Executive protection protocol, etiquette, and the social and working interrelationships between client and protection specialist are also very important. Our professionals are expected to provide top level protection and, at the same time, allow our clients to enjoy his or her life style with as little interruption as professionally possible.
Being able to take on other (related) chores enhance the productivity and skill base of our successful professional protection specialists. Whether operating in a “low profile” or “high profile” protection environment, our skilled resourceful protection specialists rise to the occasion.
Many executives and private individuals feel they cannot afford to employ a protection specialist strictly for protection. The same holds true for many corporations. A protection agent who is equipped to function in other areas (executive assistant, personal assistant, etc.) and who has the appearance and manners to blend in with the workplace has an excellent advantage.
Manners and good behavior are an integral part of interpersonal relationships. The way in which we deal with each other spells the difference, and often determines the outcome between success and failure. Protection agents often encounter resentment on the part of co-workers who may perceive the agent as a barrier between them and the boss. This problem is greatly reduced by a conscious effort on the part of our protection agents to deal in a sensitive and mannerly fashion with co-workers. PPI’s professional protection specialists are never the cause of problems; rather, they are trained problem solvers.
Good manners are part of working smart. Any protection specialist who doesn’t understand this issue would be more successful seeking employment in lower level profile professions. How the protection agent looks, appears, speaks, conducts him or herself, and interrelates with others will, in large measure, determine his or her success in the highly specialized field of Executive Protection. The executive or dignitary may not want protection and has accepted it only from necessity. In order to get the job done, the protection agent must win the respect of the client, which means looking like someone the client is used to being with. The client does not want to be embarrassed among his friends and associates by having someone following him around who looks dreadful and acts worse.
It is extremely important that our protection specialists fit into the client’s world. To accomplish this, our professional protection specialists adhere to the following Executive Protection Protocol:



By simply practicing the above protocol, continuously evaluating our prescribed methodologies, expanding technical job knowledge, and applying acquired protection skills in a field setting Professional Protection Incorporated has enjoyed notable success and lasting relationships with the clientele we service.

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