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Professional PPI Uniformed Protection provides uniformed security officer services for corporations, federal agencies, event venues, and public facilities nationwide. PPI supervisors and officers are professional, competent, dedicated professionals, meticulously selected, and extensively trained. Many of our officers have police, federal law enforcement, or military security experience. Our officers’ expertise ranges from basic security operations and crowd management to crisis management and emergency response. As a qualified industry leader, Professional Protection Incorporated is prepared to meet your unique security needs.To assure start-up and phase-in of our services at specific client locations, a PPI Certified Protection Officer (CPO) familiar with the client’s operations will be assigned to initiate the following activities and programs with the use of our “PROPRIETARY” Quality Assurance Site Plan.

A Physical Survey will be conducted at the client’s facility locations; taking into consideration current regulations regarding facilities access areas; the client’s customer’s needs; any differences in customer, occupants, and vehicle access procedures to the facility during morning, afternoon, and evening hours; summarize any notable vehicle traffic patterns (customer or for hire, etc.); and staffing deficiencies (security personnel) attributed to the operational goals of the client. The survey will also contain recommendations from PPI’s CPO to the client and the PPI Site Manager/Supervisor assigned to coordinate and administer security officer staffing services for the client’s specific account.

A Client Relations Program will be co-established by the PPI Site Manager and client with a paramount focus towards satisfying any on-going security services staffing needs or to assist the client or his designated contract administrator with any specific security services or program upgrade problems, which may arise.

Post Orders will be reviewed and where found to be outdated rewritten specifically to accomplish the stated business goals of the client, which will outline in great detail the job functions of the security officers, supervisors, and site manager assigned to the account. At a minimum, these Post Orders will consist of specific information that the client will provide to PPI such as traffic management, staff uniforms; security officer equipment; client control equipment; client communications equipment; issue and display of client identification badges; use of client facilities by contract security personnel; key client/facility personnel and emergency telephone numbers; security officer staffing hours of operation; procedures regarding client passes and badges; security officer staff and site inspections; duty logs, etc. Also, general orders will be prepared covering security officer incident reports, sign-in logs and other general duties.

An ongoing Training Program will be provided by PPI consisting of training bulletins or supplements prepared by the Professional Protection Training Institute as well as refresher training to PPI employees in basic security/advance security functions, asset protection functions, public interaction, crowd management, and customer service specifically designed to meet the needs of the client’s customer base and operational environment.

To assure client satisfaction, during the first six months of start-up, Senior Management and Certified Protection Officers from PPI will conduct weekly courtesy inspections of the client’s site. Thereafter, minimum monthly inspections of the site will be made during scheduled hours of operation to assure that the prescribed performance of our assigned security professionals are maintained at the highest professional level. After each courtesy inspection visit, copies of the inspection reports will be submitted to the client or their designee for review. Any deficiencies will be corrected immediately.

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