Safety First and Foremost
Amidst all of the available resources to assist in providing security for facilities and other industry-type operations, providing security for special events has been virtually neglected. As a result of this deficiency, there has emerged a vast number of well-intentioned self-proclaimed “event staffing companies” providing protection and support staffing for special events with little understanding of the potentially disastrous consequences. More frightening are the event coordinators that have no actual security training or experience, who by appointment in title alone (Operations Manager, Event Coordinator, etc.) undertakes the task of coordinating security with little more than blind intuition and layman’s knowledge. With “luck,” they occasionally succeed; but more often than not the results prove costly (through property damage and lost revenues). Even worst, they sometimes experience catastrophic costs (physical injury or loss of life sustained by event goers and venue staff).

Once a crowd has been allowed to get out of hand through inadequate security or event support staff supervision, the task of restoring any semblance of order or protecting life and property, is a tremendous undertaking. Avoiding catastrophic results brought on by angry crowds is PPI’s safety goal.

PPI understands that every special event is going to differ in some manner in terms of its security/safety and event support staffing requirements based on a wide variety of factors that indigenously influence that particular event. Therefore, we extensively focus our special event training on:

  • crowd control management procedures
  • client imaging
  • customer satisfaction
  • managing patron conflicts

By focusing on the aforementioned training, PPI provides the “life-staples” for our trained event security and event support staffs. PPI lives its event services training philosophy -- ”Don’t wait for it to happen; don’t want it to happen; watch for it to happen and always be prepared to prevent it from happening.”

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