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Active and Passive Infrared Detection Units are used to detect electromagnetic radiated energy generated by external sources, particularly the thermal energy emitted by people in the infrared range. This system can be used to provide secondary levels of protection or to cover gateways and openings, triggers for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras and isolated alarm coverage to vulnerable areas.

Electrostatic Sensors are used to generate an electrostatic field between/around an array of wire conductors.  Sensors in the system detect changes or distortion in this field.  These can be mounted on fences, walls or roofs and are highly resilient to winds as well as being low maintenence.

Video Motion Detection (VMD) Sensors operate through almost any good quality (CCTV) camera providing both a detection of activity & observation of the events in real time. The VMD sensor system monitors changes in the camera’s field of view and if a change occurs through an intruder entering the scene an alarm condition is generated. These systems also include an image-tracking feature, which can monitor a number of separate intruders simultaneously by drawing a different colored line around each of them and leaving a trail line of where they have been.

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