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This has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the security industry and has been responsible for countless arrests and prosecutions. From a single camera to a complex computer controlled installation incorporating detailed graphics and system integration or a system being monitored remotely, we can provide you the experience to assist with the most appropriate design.

PPI can also provide a complete range of covert and concealed cameras for discrete observation where it is important that the location of the camera is not identifiable. Cameras can be supplied concealed in wall clocks, smoke detectors as well as pinhole cameras capable of observation through very small apertures.

Our firm also provides a vast range of CCTV equipment, which can operate effectively in any harsh, hostile and outdoor environments from freezing arctic conditions to heat and dust situations. Our rugged housings protect the cameras and lens against rain, snow, sleet, dust, humidity, chemical pollutants and other environmental hazards. Cameras can also be provided that are safe to use in flammable environments and are explosion proof.

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