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 Firearms Training (Minimum 40-hours of Seven Modules plus Qualification)

I. Legal Issues (5 hours)
State General Statue; Justified Self Defense; Justified Deadly Force; and Carrying a Concealed Weapon.

II. Safety (2-hours)
Storage of Firearms; and Safe Gun Handling.

III. Handgun Operation & Maintenance (5 hours)
Nomenclature of the Revolver or Semiautomatic; Safely load and Unload; Cycle of Operation of the Semiautomatic Handgun; and Clean and Inspect the Handgun.

IV. Marksmanship Fundamentals (8 hours)
Four Steps of the Draw; Proper One-hand and Two-hand Grip; Shooting Stances; Sight Alignment; Sight Picture; and Malfunction Drill.

V. Night Firing (5 hours)
Operational Philosophy; and Techniques.

VI. Shotgun Operations (4 hours)
Major Parts of the Pump or Semiautomatic Shotgun; Properly Mount the Shotgun; Combat Load the Shotgun; and Carry Positions for the Shotgun.

VII. Encounter Techniques (4 hours)
Difference Between Cover and Concealment; Four Colors of the Metal Conditioning Color Code System; and How to Fire from Behind a Barricade.

QUALIFICATION – Appropriately selected Courses of Fire (7 hours).
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