The importance of Business and Professional certifications demonstrates to the potential client a firms or an individuals desire to acquire and maintain advanced knowledge in security management, gain professional credibility, and to stand head and shoulders above their competition in the security industry. In addition to demonstrating ones capability to provide a service, one must also validate the necessary skill sets required to accomplish the stated scope of work. Acquiring and maintaining business and professional certifications in good standing establishes ones aspiration to be the best professional amongst all others. The credibility bar has been raised in the security services profession and clients are now taking additional steps to ensure that they are contracting and working with the most professionally skilled and knowledgeable companies and individuals in the security industry. Business and Professional certifications from various agencies, associations, and organizations offer potential clients another screening tool — one that has the backing and credibility of preeminent government agencies and professionally focused associations/organizations that award designations to individuals whose primary responsibilities are in security management and who have demonstrated advance knowledge in security solutions and best business practices.

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